5 Status Updates That You Must Avoid On Social Media

Marriage StatusSocial media is a medium that has completely changed our lives in terms of entertainment, communication and ideas of different people from all walks of life. But nowadays, many foolish things are being shared on social media which is also damaging its positive aspects.

So, 5 social media updates that you must avoid in order to maintain your personality, are given below:

Death Updates

Some days ago, we have seen a Sri Lankan teenager sharing selfie with his uncle’s dead body and that post gone viral on social media. You must have to avoid such status updates in order to develop your personality.

Religious Updates

You can always share your ideas on weather, culture, tradition and social issues but not religious issues. Because if you share your religious or ethnic status on social media, it would ultimately starts the debates that could lead to violence in the society.

Pictures Of illness or Wounds

The pictures from the hospital’s bed and severe wounds in case of injury, never share such kind of status on social media.

Extreme Close-up Pics or Selfies

Always avoid extreme close ups pictures and selfies on social media because it could affect directly on your personality. You can also take suggestions from your close friends before sharing any picture.

Marriage Updates

Almost everyone on social media update their marriage status but it is quite irritating for others. Although it has now became a trend but it should have to change.

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