338 PIA Employees Dismissed For Fake Degrees

piaIslamabad: PIA has dismissed 338 employees from their services in the basis of acquiring employment in PIA on the basis of fake educational degrees. According to sources, various steps have been taken by the aviation advisor to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Shujaat Azim for the upgradation of PIA. Shujaat Azim aims at eradicating all corruption from the PIA.

This is a major step taken by Shujaat Azim. Among the dismissed is also the deputy general manager of accruement and logistics, Ejaz Shahid. He has been dismissed under the accusations of being involved in discrepancies related to the selling of airplane parts.

Shujaat Azim has successfully identified the main culprits behind the discrepancies in the selling of airplane parts that has cost PIA about 6 billion rupees. He has also acted firmly on the discrepancies identified in the purchase of 110 watt special lighting equipment worth billions of rupees and has subjected the concerned units to inquiries. The lights had been purchased and kept away in a store house where they were left to rot. More steps will be taken in the future to eliminate corruption from PIA.

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