2-year Condition For Expatriate Transfering Sponsorship Waived. Saudi Arabia

2-year Condition For Expatriate Transfering Sponsorship WaivedThe Ministry of Labour has given up the two-year condition for sponsorship transfer. At present it is obligatory for an expatriate worker to stay under the sponsorship of his employer for a period of two years in order to transfer his sponsorship to another employer or firm without the permission of his previous employer. Lately, the ministry has provided some regulations regarding the labour market, sponsorship and workers to make more efficient the Saudi labour market.

The Saudi government’s alteration campaign could benefit people and expat, make sure a healthy labour market and increase the country’s economy, according to numerous economists.
Though, they said the labour market would flourish only if government make sure that companies recruit qualified foreigners, and they were banned from transferring their sponsorship and altering their professions.
“Recruitment agencies have to help in a more efficient manner to attain the goals of the current improvement process. They have to only employ foreign workers who have the right qualifications.”
“There are some projects that have been finished in a faulty manner by unqualified workers,” he said. He said the labour improvement campaign would consequence in a short-term delay of new projects.
Another rule was stated last month that an expat worker is able to look for a transfer without the sponsor’s permission when his work and residence permits are not stated within three months of his entrance in the Kingdom.

Specialist said the new law would make disorder in the job market, raise expat salaries and, in succession, raise prices of goods and services for the end consumers.

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