10 Cheapest Cities Of The World In 2017

Economists Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey for 2017 gives us a glimpse of world’s cheapest cities and how people live there. Among these countries some are also good for tourism while others are not so peaceful.

Here is the list of top 10 cheapest cities of the world:

10) Romanian Capital Bucharest is the only European city in the top 10 cheapest cities. It is a historic city which saw Ottoman Rule, Greek Rule and then Communist Rule. Though many historic buildings were destroyed during two world wars but it is still a heaven for tourists. So if you want to have a glimpse of Europe with the least budget then this is the place for you.

9) Caracas the Venezuelan capital is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and is rich in beautiful flowers. Though it is the 9th cheapest city yet very few people visit this city because of pollution, high crime rate and poor transportation.

8) India’s capital New Delhi is ranked 8th in the cheapest city. Delhi was also the capital of Mughal Empire and there are several magnificent mosques, Forts and Gardens from Mughal Era. During British colonialism other buildings were also added in the city but they aren’t as beautiful as the Mughal architect.

7) Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan with 10% of its population. It is well developed, clean and green city near mountains and two huge rivers.

6) Algerian capital Algiers is ranked 5th is the list. Being a historic city which was a small town in the African coast it has become the biggest city of Algeria. Ottoman Islamic architect and French influence is visible in the city showing its past.

5) Indian city Chennai formerly known as Madras should be visited by those who want to explore rich Indian culture in one city. This is the city from where East India Company started and soon occupied the whole subcontinent.

4) Karachi, Pakistan largest metropolitan city is also ranked 4th but unlike Chennai only few tourists visit the city because of lack of facilities and the fear of security. The city has seen the worst crime and killings making it a no zone for tourists.

3) Mumbai ranks 3rd in the cheapest cities but is not on the list of tourists. Being the biggest and most populated city of India means pollution, noise and traffic jams.

2) Unlike Mumbai Bangalore is loved by foreign tourists, it is known as the call centre capital of the world. Being rich in Muslim and Hindu culture there is many things to explore in this city.

1) Lusaka the Zambian capital tops the list and offers the best for nature lovers. Here you can see more than 60 kinds of animals such as lion, leopard, giraffe and hippos.

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