Istanbul Archaeology Museum Timing Details

Istanbul-Archaeology-MuseumThe Istanbul Archaeology Museum which is located in Eminonu District of Istanbul actually consist of three Museum, The Archaeological Museum in the main building being the one, the second Museum is the ‘Museum of Ancient Orient’ and the third Museum which is part of the complex is ‘Museum of Islamic Art’. Located near the Topkapi Palace and the Gulhane Park the Museum complex is said to house more than 1 million objects.

The collection at the Museum includes ancient pieces of art along with number of artifacts many from which are up to thousands years old. The famous artifacts part of the Museum include the Alexander Sarcophagus which is believed to be prepared by Alexander the Great. The tablet of Peace treaty which was signed between Egyptians and Hittite, this tablet dates back to 1258 BC this treaty is known to be the oldest peace treaties of the world. Around 800,000 different artifacts from the Ottoman era are also preserved in the Museum which include seals, medals, decorations and coins as well. Artifacts from the ancient Greek also form part of the Museum.

The Museum can be accessed in between 09:00 in the morning and 07:00 in the evening although the tickets must be purchased before 06:00 in the evening to access in the evening. The Tickets costs 15 Turkish Lira the Museum remains close on Monday.


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