Treatment for Cataract (Motia) Eye Instead Of Operation

eye cataractDue to the eye cataract, hundreds of people suffer from eyesight loss and blindness every year. According to the report, the only cure of eye cataract was only operation in which artificial lens made of plastic was put on the place of affected eyes by replacing it. However scientists have discovered treatment for eye cataract in place of operation. The eye is a sensitive organ and eye cataract is a common disease, known treatment for Cataract (Motia) is operation, it is really a breakthrough that eye drops can solve this issue.

New Treatment For Eye Cataract: The good news is that eye drops have been invented which can be used to treat eye cataract. According to the report, the use of eye drops for cataract is slightly cheaper than operation.

How Eye Drops Work For Cataract: In this miracle eye drops, a chemical has used which stops particles of the protein to be together due to which eyesight become blurred.

Results Of Eye Drops: According to the report, experiments have proved that the treatment of nearly 2.5 million people of 65 years will be possible with the use of these innovative eye drops without any operation.

Remarks of Medical Experts: British medical experts said that hundreds of people who were suffering from blindness have got their eye sight back with the help of these eye drops.

Ophthalmologist Professor of University of Durham said that millions of people all around the world who are suffering from blindness got a new ray of hope after invention of this magical eye drop which is the new cure of eye cataract.


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