Thar Express Train Schedule & Daily Timings

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Thar Express Train is an exclusive service of Pakistan Railways to its passengers especially in Sindh. The train carries the passengers between Karachi and Zero Point VI Hyderabad Mirpur Khas. The train is well cherished among the masses because it has eased the travelling between these two stations named specifically as Karachi 405 and Zeropoint 406. The timings and names of respective stations are mentioned here according to the updated information available.

Timings and Stations of Thar Express Train:

Timings and Stations from Karachi to Zero Point:

Train begins its journey from the Karachi Cantt at 23:45. It moves ahead until it reaches Hyderabad at 2:15, then Mirpur Khas at 3:45 and finally the destination Zero Point at 7:20.

Timings and Stations from Zero Point to Karachi:

Here the details are just reverse to the details mentioned above. Train departs from Zero Point at 14:00, reaches Mirpur Khas at 20:30, reaches Hyderabad at 22:40 then ends it journey at Karachi Cantt on 1:20.

Note: The fare and prices of ticket are subjected to regular changes and hence aren’t included here. You must consult the responsible department of Pakistan Railways for this. You can call at 02135499111.


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