Standard Salary Range & Working Hours in Bahrain

BahrainSalary is the main important thing that attracts expatriates towards Bahrain. Bahrain gives good salaries especially to expatriates working there and is even higher than other western countries. Personal taxation release leads to high saving rates and incomes. The salary offered in Bahrain is comparable to that given in western countries. In the past years the salary was divided into basic pay, medical allowance, car accommodation, children’s education, air fare etc. but now the development has changed and is offering just single salary package coving all of these allowances. Therefore the accommodation cost must be kept in mind before accepting the job agreement. Salaries in Bahrain is in comparison with the remuneration offered in western countries.

Other than the salaries the expatriates are given indemnity at the end of contract for job which is a kind of bonus. Therefore working on a long contract in Bahrain can lead to good amount of bonus. This amount is sort of appreciation being given to expatriates for working to the state. Indemnity is also called end of service benefits. Indemnity amount is usually to 15 or sometimes 20 days of basic pay every year working in Bahrain in first three years of employment and thus a month’s wage per year of service. The indemnity amount is calculated on basic salary eliminating all bonuses. It is to be kept in mind that some of the Arab companies repeatedly delay employees’ salaries in order to cash flow and these problems are faced by the employees every month. In this regard the employee has to wait and keep some running capital in hand for to get out of worst scenario.

Salary Range

In the present time the average salary paid for any supervisory job is around BD 17,000 to BD 25,000. This salary can be low or high based on person’s expenses, family size, accommodation etc. other than the strict rules and regulations the salary range offered is the main attraction for any expatriates to work in Bahrain.

Working hours

Working hours in Bahrain starts at 8:30 am or 9:00 am and close by 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm depending on organizations rules and policies. Many companies in Bahrain demand employees to work for 40 or 48 hours a week. The office timing will cut to six hours in Ramadan and in some companies it is only applicable to Muslim employees. Mostly Fridays are off and Thursdays and Fridays are weekends but some of the companies gives Saturdays off in spite of Thursdays.

It is advised for people planning to work in Bahrain to gather as much information as they can about the lifestyle and work in Bahrain before signing the job agreement. The amount of salary depends on personal attributes and negotiation skills for good salary. Understanding the terms and conditions and rules and regulation can make person confident while entering Bahrain. Understanding of lifestyle in Bahrain is very important before entering Bahrain.


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