Salaries In Saudi Arabia On The Basis Of Passport Color

Salary DifferencesSaudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producing country in the world and due to this fact, many citizens of different countries go there for jobs and businesses. Pakistani citizens also go there in a large number to find jobs according to their requirements. Bur before this, it is better to be well aware of the salaries offered for the foreigners working in Saudi Arabia.

People from different countries of the world received different salaries for the same job in Saudi Arabia. Wage system is totally based on the color of passport in Saudi Arabia. This rule is applicable for all the companies working in the Kingdom to hire foreign workers in their companies. For example in the nursing field, nurses who have 15 years of experience and they are from Pakistan or India, their salaries are equivalent to British nurses with 1 year of experience.

The only thing which matters in Saudi Arabia is the color of passport. Before hiring you, employer must see your passport color and will offer you salary according to that. Western employers in Saudi Arabia gets high amount of salaries whether they have expertise in a particular field or not. To take advantage of this situation, some Asians travel to Canada or Australia to take their passport and then apply for a job in Middle East, to get high amount of salary on their Canadian or Australian passport.

This situation is just because of standard of living and duel standard of education in the East and the West. Western degrees are considered to be the most reliable and worthy, because of quality education provided there. Although this difference in the salaries creates problems for the working environment in the Kingdom. But it is truth and we should accept it that there is much difference between western and Eastern workers by all means.

So, in order to completely aware of the salaries in Saudi Arabia, below is the chart which shows average monthly salary of workers from different countries in Saudi Arabia.

Passport Average Monthly Salary In Saudi Riyal
Indian& Pakistanis 2,500
Filipino 3,500
South African 7,000
Malaysian 8,000
Arabs 10000
Saudi 11,000
European 16,000
America, Australia and Canada 18,000

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