Dubai To Launch Underwater Tennis Court-Stadium

Underwater Tennis CourtAlmost every Emirati is well aware of the world’s highest tennis court situated at top of Burj Al Khalifa in Dubai. But this time Dubai is going to have world’s first underwater tennis court or stadium. This concept has been revealed by a polish architect named Krzysztof Kotala, a Maters of Science from Kraków Polytechnic in architecture. Krzysztof Kotala is the owner of 8+8 Concept Studio in Warsaw and has completed the basic designs of this underwater tennis court stadium.

Krzysztof Kotala is looking for investment from local investors of Dubai or United Arab emirates, in order to make this concept a reality. Talking to a weekly local magazine, Krzysztof Kotala said that there is not an investor but he would like to get interest as he think is a good idea. While using reference of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships held in Dubai since 1993, he said that:

“This will be something original. This should be somewhere where there is the tradition of tennis. Dubai is perfect for this idea.”

Kotala wanted to combine all the best possible ways of sports, technology and ecology with his project. There are many underwater projects going to be built in Dubai in the next few years, and the prominent one among these will be Floating Seahorses.


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