Documents Required For CNIC In NADRA

NADRA Required Documents for CNICCNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) is the interior product of NADRA provided  to a legal resident of Pakistan. It is a merge of state-of-the-art technology and clear business rules to assurance its legitimacy and validity. Every genuine, 18 Years and above, citizen of Pakistan is entitled for CNIC.

Eligibility for CNIC 

Every resident of Pakistan aged 18 or above is entitled for the CNIC. The registration strategy provides for issuance of CNIC to resident aged 18 years or married Females irrespective of their era.

Detailed Application Procedure

  • Get a token number
  • Wait for your number
  • Number shew on LED. Continue to the DE station
  • Get photographed
  • Thumb and Signatures
  • Put your signature for the CNIC
  • Collect your printed form
  • Get the form attested  From Gazetted  Officer and go back to the NRC
  • Data shift and Processing
  • Delivery of CNIC to NRC

Documentation Requirements                 

A CNIC applicant is necessary to create the following documents at the time of application:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Old NIC/MNIC
  • Matriculation Certificate
  • CNICs of immediate/blood relatives
  • Citizenship certificate issued by MOI

For more details please contact to the checklist in associated downloads or call us on our

UAN 111-786-100.


Delivery Time  

  • Normal – 45 days
  • Urgent – 25 days
  • Fast Track – 15 Days


Fee Structure
Application Type Normal Urgent Executive
SNIC                 – 1,500
CNIC                 –             200         300
CRC 50                 –  500
FRC 500                 – 1,000
Death Certificate                 –                 –  50

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