Demand For Bangladeshi Workers Remarkably Decreasing In Saudi Arabia

Bangladeshi WorkersThe Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia is now ready to issue visas for Bangladeshi workers but surprisingly their demand is remarkably decreasing in the Kingdom. The employers in Saudi Arabia refused to hire Bangladeshi workers because of their bad behavior and lack of skills. Most of the employers are seeking for skilled labor due to lack of accurate system to inspect their qualification in Saudi Arabia. The employers having Bangladeshi workers are not satisfied with them due to their non-serious attitude towards works.

A Saudi Landlord Abdullah Hashawan told the Arab newspaper that he had a bad experience with a Bangladeshi who worked as a guard in his building in 2002. He was forced to make a final exit visa for him after receiving continuous complains from the residents of that building. Bangladeshi guard was neglecting his duties and created lots of problems for the residents with his rude attitude, Abdullah Hashawan told. Many other employers have the same complain regarding Bangladeshi workers in the Kingdom.

“The Musaned website provides a number of choices to employers. The website also offers the opportunity to evaluate Bangladeshi workers. This system will stimulate all recruitment offices to provide skillful workers to employers and raise the level of services”, said by Tayseer Al-Mufrej, Director of the media center of the Ministry of Labour.


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