Controversial Feed ingredient for imported poultry meat Disclosed

poultry meatKarachi: Controversial feed ingredient for imported poultry meat has disclosed by Pakistan Solvent Extractor Association (APSEA) as they have found pig meat for poultry feed. According to the details, ingredients of pig meat has started to find in factories and warehouses once again as pig feed has been using these days.

However, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanver Hussain has taken notice against the complaint of APSEA during a meeting and also directed to seal every factory or warehouse where pig meat or its ingredient found. He also warned to those factory owners who are involve in these offense activities while saying that Haram meat or ingredients will not be tolerated. Chairman of the APSEA told in a meeting that unwanted and Haram ingredients are using for imported poultry meat in several factories of Pakistan.

Pig ingredients are also mixing in soyabean oil in order to enhanced protein value as well as these ingredients are being given in different types especially in the poultry feed, he added.

Therefore, Rana Tanveer assured APSEA while saying that strict action will be taken against those industrialists who are using Haram ingredients. On the other hand, he also asked Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) to make sudden raids on factories and stop these criminal activities.


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