How To Change Permanent Address In CNIC & NICOP

NADRAThe National Database and Registration Authority NADRA is an self-governing and independent agency under Government of Pakistan that acts upon government records and statistically deals with the responsive registration record of all the people of the Pakistan.

It is dependable for issuing the computerized national identity cards to the people of Pakistan, maintaining their responsive informational upgraded in the government databases, and protecting national characteristics of the citizens of Pakistan from being stolen and theft. It is one of the largest government record institution, employing more than 11,000 people. It also maintains to hold the record for maintaining the main biometric database of citizens in the world.

People can change Present Address without any valid documents or proof. People cannot change Permanent address without valid proof. Registry or Local Domicile or Allotment letter of property against his/her (Father/Mother), name, Court announcement
In case of alter in permanent address to any district of Northern Areas, applicant will have to confirm or attest the “Form” from Member Municipal Committee in adding to the Land papers of the same area. Only residential units where a person live in during the whole year. Non-residential units like shops, offices, animal sheds, factories & other institutions are not taken as address.


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