Can we use AC drain water in Car Radiator?

Can We use Air Conditioner drain water in Car Radiator ?

Best for radiator. I am using it since 3 years. Because it is distilled water not acidic which means no impurities. It makes your radiator long-lasting and prevent it from rust.

It is not distilled. There are many impurities in ac drain water. Firstly, the drain pipe contains  lot dirt. So the water collects it. Secondly, the container you store the water in also is full of impurities. So there’s that. It is as good as tap water. So in conclusion, don’t use it.

I know it’s best for UPS batteries… not sure for car purposes.

Use boil water. I am using it since many years.

Coolant is best for radiator.

Yes… it’s best for radiators and batteries also.. !!

 No way…. car radiator needs an anti rust/coolant mixture. Ac water is just good for batteries.

Air condition drained water is distilled water and it can safely be used in radiator and battery as well.

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