Ban Lifted On Family Visa For Bangladeshi Expats In Saudi Arabia

Family VisaSaudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world and its economy is totally dependable on oil reserves. Due to this fact, it attracts many workers from underdeveloped countries of the world to work in Saudi Arabia and earn large amount against their services. Many of them bring their families for few days with them on family visit visa. But for Bangladeshi workers, the policy of family visa was totally different, but now the ban on family visa has been lifted by the Saudi government and has started giving them family visit visa.

For Bangladeshi workers, the policy of family visit visa was totally different and there was a long time ban on family visa for Bangladeshi expats in Saudi Arabia. Bangladeshi workers were even not allowed to transfer their sponsorship to any other sponsor for long time. However during the year 2013, King Abdullah gave them some relaxation but it is not confirmed that they are able to change their sponsorship still or not.

During the long time period of ban, the Bangladeshi workers were bringing their families with them in the Kingdom on Umrah visa and enjoy spending some days with them. But now they can have their families with them in Saudi Arabia on family visit visa or permanent family visa.


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